Wednesday, February 17, 2010

First Date With Kevin 20x16

Funny when your painting from a model for 3 days, with hours of staring into his face and gazing up his nose and into his eyes, it kind of feels like a first date. All kidding a side, today was the first day of another 3 day session with Cynthia Grilli. My hope is to get a little juice going. Build up the lights with paint and deepen the shadows with thin glazes. I am testing myself too. I'm pushing myself. I figure it is gonna be fun next week to glaze down and bring up. It's the push pull of painting. You add and take away. You bring up and knock down. Most importantly is to do it without fear of messing it up. Messing up is the best way of finding out what paint can do.
So if I fall down in the snow and you know I will. The most important thing is to learn how to get up. So falling is a good thing.
More to come next week.

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Karen said...

Remind me about the falling down part being a good thing! Insightful true.