Friday, February 19, 2010

Let's Start In theMiddle 12x12 oil

Just started the first stage of this today. Basically developed the under structure and laid in the values with just a little temperature play. I will let it dry for a day or so and start the highs and lows of values and color.
This is Wes my number two son in order only. He is a hard working newly graduated from LMU in recording arts. He is the sound man. He hears everything. Frankly if I heard all the sounds he can pick out I would go nuts. So thank goodness he has the gift and not me. He is the guy that makes the sound happen from a technical perspective. He works on production and post production sound for voice and music. We take sound for granted. It takes lots of equipment and knowledge to get sound to a movie and musical recording and audio audiences (books on tape). I am very proud of him. And besides all of what he does...he is a wonderful son and good person.
I hope I can paint him well.

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Dana Cooper said...

Wow Dori...I love it just as it is!