Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dry Creek "Pony" Trail

Back to pastels with this 12x18 scene from a hike a few weeks ago.  Right past the tree is a creek bed that is used to release water to areas down stream.  It is dry a good part of the time and easy to cross over to the mountain side of the park.  I like this trail a lot because it has dry brush and cactus.  
I started this painting on a sanded surface called Uart.  The surface can take washes of turpentine,alcohol and water.  This allows for under paintings in wet pastel, oil, ink or watercolor.  I really like the texture each of those mediums bring to my work.

Offered through Chemers Gallery


Virginia Floyd said...

Lovely range of colors in this Stephanie. Each color has many different shades, which adds great depth. I love the blue hills, and then the dark blues and purples in front of them. Very nice!

Sadeu said...

your paintings as beautiful