Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sunset Storm on Central Valley

 A few times a year my husband and I travel up to San Jose to pick up or drop off our son Spencer at SJSU.  When I am not in the drivers seat, I love looking out the window at this vast landscape of California.  It is our farm land.  From raisins to garlic the land has purpose.  These mountains divide the valley from the coast.  The otherwise flat land seems to rise up to the sky like hands reaching for God.  This is a gift to see, as much of the days travels seem visually similar.  Looking out the window and watching as the land and it's occasional landmark flash by is a quiet meditation for me.  There in that valley is something that fills me with life and purpose and the feeling of being.  
So to the snicker-doodle king, Spencer, thank you, xoxox m
12x12 pastel on ampersand pastel board. 


Susan E. Roden said...

The kind of skies I love Dori!
Congrats on your show too.

Virginia Floyd said...

Beautiful skies. And I loved reading your thoughts about the drive. Thanks for sharing!