Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Preparing to Dance

This is Katrina. A very talented model and artist.  I worked on this Monday at our model session.  I enjoyed lots of things about painting Katrina.  Increasing intensity in the flesh of the shadows was one and feeling a little freer with brush work.  The surface quality looks richer in person.  One thing I realized is that I never paint hands and have avoided doing so.  Not a good idea, so I must start looking and understanding. This creates a new item on a long list of personal creative to do's.  

14x11, oil


Dana Cooper said...

Lovely Dori! I agree that hands (and feet) are the artist's nemesis, but important none the less.

Virginia Floyd said...

She is beautiful! I love the light on her face, and the way the skin darkens in the shadows. Great skin colors, too. I agree that hands are difficult. I usually paint a little blob rather than try to paint fingers.

Anonymous said... are always pushing yourself, an admiring and inspiring trait to us fellow artists...thank you for sharing. Wonderful piece today...and the central valley piece the other day....ooozes depth and emotion....fantastic!

Maria Hock said...

Love the composition and skin tones. I also love the narrative that lets us know your thought process. Thanks so much.