Friday, March 9, 2012

Mov'in To The Music

Music festivals like Lalapalooza take place in huge parks with enough land to accommodate several stage areas.  This keeps you moving all day following the music that you want to hear.  Throughout the day there are musical events happening on five and sometimes six stages so you follow the program and make the day what you want.  This is fun and involve an amazing amount of walking.  You may find yourself acres away from the next venue you want to see.  So you get up and move fast, grab a bite and run to get a good spot until the next time.  These performances go on into the late hours of the day.  I must say I pooped out and my husband and I had dinner and returned to the hotel and enjoyed the lights of the city on the way.  Now for the boys...They ventured into the early morning hours, enjoying the night life of Chicago.  What is a mother to do?
This is a 12x16 pastel which is more of a study for an oil I think.  It is a little rough and experimental.  I did it with an under painting that got covered up for the most part on an Ampersand white pastel board.  I like them as they are very stable.
I was drawn to the scale of the figure in the foreground and the buildings in the back ground.  I also took this photo while laying on the grass looking up which created a bit of an ants eye view.  I may have exaggerated that as he has a small head and big feet.  
So there it is for today.  Have a wonderful weekend. 

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Erik van Elven said...

The ants perspective really adds to the excitement of this painting. Nice work.