Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Another in a series of "me", palette knife vs. brush.  I worked on this again today.  There are things that are happening that I like and some that I can see now on this screen that could be fixed with a stroke or so.  I will wait and see if I change it.  These are for me to learn from.  
Looking at myself is not easy and I find it emotional.  It is not just the surface that I see when looking in the mirror.   Every plane change, line and mark are there.   It is a kinda history that stares me down.  The face shows many sides of emotion and expression.  It carries the weary and raises up with joy.  It wears love with a spiritual sense of wisdom bringing warmth and color to its surface.  
I think I see my quiet times, my deep emotions that are kept quiet and not often shared.  The person I live with and feel with everyday of my life is there in the mirror.  The face that shows life's stealthy movements and changes that appear so honestly without a word.  From self portrait to self portrait, life paints it own portrait without paint or brush.  It is masterful and unique.  

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Maria Hock said...

I love pieces that portray emotion and this piece really speaks. So well done. I also love the prose that accompanies the piece. So well written. A wonderfully engaging post.