Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Girl In Green

Sheila Is a lovely model that frequents our painting group.  I typically like to crop scenes like this for fear of space, but thought not this time.  Space is just hanging out there.  How to deal with it, can be challenging.  Will it over come the subject?  
After this session one of the other artists and I discussed background.  We spend lots of time covering up shelves with drape to take away what could be supportive to the figure architecturally.  That would help on layout and visual enhancement to the composition.  
Ken Howard is an artist whom I have enjoyed pouring over his work.  He places the figure in a room with tons going on and makes a fabulous statement.  His calligraphy in suggesting tools and desktop things is amazing.  His attention to value and color is exciting.  I have had my book for sometime.  Each time I open it I find something new to just wow me, that I had not noticed before.  
12x16 oil on canvas

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Joann said...

Very nice. The space actually adds to the composition.