Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Gray is Gray

Today I drove down to Irvine to the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary to paint. It was as gray as can be. Color was flat and values seemed farther apart than they actually were. My eyes get very tired in these conditions. Looking out on the water contrasting the shore on the other side is like squinting and my pupils close down. All the color disappears and the scene dissolves into a gray scale with the large body of water appearing lighter than it is...at least to me. I fight with what I know and think rather than what's there. Anyway this is the results after coming home and looking at photos and using alcohol to wipe through in an attempt to adjust values.
Getting out to paint always gives me a chance to study. It was quiet and lovely. It is not always about the finish. I had good company with fellow artists Jenny and Ede.

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Karen Werner said...

Your composition is so pleasing and you have a great feeling of the light conditions.