Friday, April 26, 2013

A Morning in the Sun at Hart Park 9x12

Today has been a very good day. Outside painting with Kim Vanderhoek and Greg LaRock made it even better. The process of plein air is involved before you ever paint. Packing everything you need and then unpacking, because you can't take it all. Key is you must be able to move your studio outside by yourself. So there is lots I can live without. Still, even my travel case of pastels is weighty. So after getting that under control, the next thing is walking the area with an artist eye or view finder. This can take some time and should. Just because you're outside doesn't mean everything makes a good painting. So once that is decided it is time to set up. Greg and Kim are very polite and we were all avoiding choosing the spot. Kim got us going. Thank you my friend. I need to carry a coin.
So once set up, the painting process moves right along. I think the time spent getting ready is time needed. The painting is the reason we go, but the process is for me the best. Especially with fun fellow painters.

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Karen Werner said...

Beautiful, Dori, and I love what you wrote. Makes me want to go!