Monday, June 3, 2013

Reef Point 9x12 pastel

Sunday morning 7 am at Crystal Cove was the meeting time and so off I went.  Looking around, the sky was bright, but gray with morning just rolling over into day.  The gray washed the seascape creating a beautiful background to the colorful rocks and brush of this uninhabited stretch of beach.  It was the beginning of a great day.  The sounds of the beach like the music of an orchestra set the movement of chalk to paper.  It was time in a bottle.  Here is my morning painting.  Soon after completing this pastel, about 10 am, I was packing up and on my way home.  
Thanks to Kim Vanderhoek and Greg LaRock for inviting me along.  So fun and amazing to visit such a beautiful place.



Very beautiful painting !!!
Have a nice day !!!

Karen Werner said...

Wow! Wonderful!