Thursday, June 6, 2013

Revisiting old work, Santiago Oaks Tree Line Trail, pastel

To revisit an old painting usually tells me I just haven't gotten it yet.  I'm not done and it is still calling out to me.  I posted this one on Facebook awhile back and thought I was done.  I have picked at this knowing all the while that I was over working areas to test color value and ideas.  Every stroke was more about what will happen if I do "this".  So doing and undoing should be the title.  I wanted some illumination to fall between the shadow of the branches on the trail and then to bounce up on the trunks of the trees without loosing the value of the color or the value of the light and dark.  I thought the original was too stark and lacking in color.  Although it was a strong value shaped composition, it read like a light bulb on a still life in a studio.  The only way for me to explore these questions is by doing.  So I found that I was pushing for color and what it feels like.  Here is the revisited one followed by the original, which on so many levels I like better.  In exploring, some of the strength was lost.  I like the mood better in the second one.  Seems like I need to find a happy medium.  The exploring is fun and good information.


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